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Raising a strong willed child? That Calm Mom tips for taking back control

May 09, 2024

Do you have a 'defiant' child who constantly pushes buttons or challenges authority?  Are you tired of always having to yell at them everyday but they just won’t f***ing listen?

Some children just require more time and attention and patience, so if you are sick and tired of always being tired and angry all the time, it helps a little bit to know you are not alone, and it helps even more to simply connect and relate with others who share in the struggle… especially when they can also share in the journey to calming the chaos.

It would be nice if there were a switch you could just flip to turn behavioral problems on and off. While we wait for someone to invent that, the good news is that there are changes you can make to take back control. Starting today.

Scratch that… starting right now! 

The first step isn’t going to be easy though. This journey begins with facing an uncomfortable truth, are you ready to do whatever it takes?

Start by asking if your “difficult and defiant child” is  always making you angry, or are you choosing to react angrily. 

Example: you catch a young child trying to unlock a door by climbing on a chair and a pile of stacked blocks? You need to make sure this child learns that this is dangerous so they won’t do it again. How would you react?

If you’re already overwhelmed and stressed out then it is a perfectly natural instinct to yell or even punish them. 

Except that behavior is also a powerful expression of creative thinking, determination, & resourcefulness. This child knows what they want and will go get it, no matter what obstacles stand in their way

It is also age-appropriate. 

Children need a strong and confident leader who can nurture and praise their strengths while maintaining healthy boundaries to keep them safe, happy, and healthy.

Are they really being difficult, or have you given them this unfair label because their behavior gets under your skin? 

The first step to taking back control is shifting perspective: it’s not about changing their behavior but instead to take back control over how YOU choose to view and respond to different situations. 

Think of a butterfly/moth and the struggles they overcame to break out of that safe, comfortable cocoon. If you are here, reading this sentence right now, then you have already gone through everything that needs to happen for you to be ready to break through those walls and emerge as this new version of yourself. 

In other words, you are ready to begin! 

Learning how to control your anger and become the parent your child needs and deserves is a skill that takes a lot of practice, and it won’t happen overnight. 

It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

Begin your journey to calm today with That Calm Mom's Control Your Anger Course and start learning how to become the calm, confident coach your child needs!

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