Hello, I'm Andrea Maher.

All I ever wanted was to be a mom and I was completely shocked and devastated by how hard postpartum anger and rage hit me.

Becoming a mom seemed to awaken this inner monster I couldn’t control. 

I spent many of my days yelling, screaming, overstimulated, and feeling out of control.

As a mom of 3 (including a set of twins) - I would put my kids to bed and sit down on the couch, sick to my stomach with guilt for all the times I yelled at them or lashed out during the day.

I love my kids more than anything in the world. I knew they didn’t deserve the way I was treating them.

I would promise myself that the next day would be different, but the cycle would just start again.

It felt UNCONTROLLABLE in the moment.

My journey to becoming a better mom

One night, in a fit of rage, I screamed at my kids to shut up and go to bed. I slammed the door and ended up breaking the door frame.

With a look of fear and tears in her eyes, my daughter looked up at me and asked me if I even loved her.

That was a breaking point. 

I had already fought my way through addiction to a life of sobriety. And in that moment I decided that this toxic cycle in my parenting had to end.

So I took action to learn skills to control my anger. And explored new ways of leading my family and running my household in a calm and respectful manner.

I took it upon myself to break generational patterns.


My family has been the happiest we've ever been

We indulge in more moments of joy and prosperity than I would have thought possible just a short time ago. We’ve created a home where we are all connected, happy, and thriving.

In addition to learning & implementing this all for myself and my own parenting journey, I am committed  to help others find their own path to more joyful motherhood - and to offer resources and support that is accessible to moms.

I became Certified as an Anger Management Specialist and created courses to help you become more calm, joyful and enjoy being with your kids

You don’t have to be an angry mom. Let me show you the wonderful possibilities.


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