Embrace a calmer, joyous version of yourself that you'll be proud to pass on to your kids

Do you find yourself snapping at your kids more often than you’d like? It’s time to take control of your emotions and rediscover the joy of motherhood. Control Your Anger is a course and a journey where we empower moms like you to NAVIGATE THE CHALLENGES OF MOTHERHOOD with grace and compassion.

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It's not your fault


Around the time my twins were approaching 2, I became a monster of a mother.

I’d never felt such intense anger and resentment.

I hated the kind of mom I was showing up as.

I was angry and yelling ALL THE TIME. 

Each night, after putting my kids to bed, I’d lie awake, consumed with disgust and guilt over how I’d acted that day.

I knew I had to make a change. 

I dove deep into understanding myself, trying to be more aware of my actions, and finding ways to shift my mindset. I didn’t just want to calm down in the moment; I wanted to change how I saw things altogether.

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Why choose Control Your Anger?

Anger can take a toll on both you and your family, affecting your relationships and overall well-being.

If you’re constantly complaining about how hard motherhood is, always shouting at your kids, and fixating on their misbehavior, you’ll likely stay trapped in a cycle of unhappiness, anger, and anxiety.

Once you decide to focus on what you can control, your life will change, and your kids will begin to follow suit.

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You can be

That Calm Mom, too

For me, motherhood came with a rollercoaster of feelings, and I found myself dealing with unexpected bursts of anger and rage.

THE ONE THING THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING FOR ME was when I discovered that my anger was deeply rooted in FEAR and SADNESS.

These products and resources were designed to build on each other. You’ll learn the foundational skills inside Control Your Anger before moving on to Calm the Chaos where you’ll begin to heal your environment.

Start at the beginning to heal yourself


This isn’t delusion or toxic positivity; it’s a chance to focus on what you can control and create a more proactive approach before things get out of hand, rather than reacting once chaos ensues.

Proven Techniques

Learn practical techniques backed by research and real-life experience to help you manage your anger in any situation

Accessible Learning

Access the course from the comfort of your own home and complete it at your own pace to fit your busy schedule

Lifetime Access

Enjoy lifetime access to course materials, allowing you to revisit and reinforce your learning whenever you need it

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Don't listen to the nagging doubts.


You're an incredible mom.

What you'll learn:

Over the course of 8 days, you'll embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a more calm, patient, and joyful mom. Here’s a sneak peek at what is covered:

  • Day 1 - Learn to Apologize

  •  Day 2 - Managing Stress

  •  Day 3 - Becoming a Compassionate Mom

  •  Day 4 - Confident Communication

  •  Day 5 - Boundaries Are Your Friend

  •  Day 6 - Adjusting Your Expectations of Others/Ensuring Your Needs Are Met

  •  Day 7 - Change You Internal Story About Yourself & Others

  •  Day 8 - Forgiveness of Yourself & Others

  •  Day 9 - Lighten The F*ck Up & Have Some Fun


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Swap your anger for smiles


  • Explosive
  • Belittling or name-calling
  • Overwhelmed
  • Always yelling
  • Breaking things slamming doors
  • Reactive
  • Gaslighting
  • Getting defensive and blaming your child for your actions
  • Regularly rolling your eyes or sighing
  • Criticizing and using sarcasm


  • Confident in ability to set boundaries
  • Has good leadership skills
  • Says what she means and means what she says
  • Communicates with confidence
  • Practices empathy
  • Good listener
  • Flexible
  • Manages her own stress in healthy ways
  • Has fun
  • Finds joy in the simple things
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What our students are saying


You're not a bad mom 

I want to make this easy for you.

The Control Your Anger Course offers all the tools you need to change your life, but I want to ensure you’re properly equipped and supported throughout this journey.

When you enroll, you also get access to another level of support, That Calm Mom Community- a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP with over 2,500 moms from around the world so that you’re never alone.

Learning how to control my anger and enjoy my family has been game-changing. I know firsthand if you’re an agitated mom, you don’t have much time to do anything for yourself. 

I’m here to tell you that it’s ATTAINABLE for you, too.



I understand the frustration and guilt


that comes with UNCONTROLLABLE ANGER. I used to lash out in moments of stress, but I discovered a better way to parent and found immense joy for myself and my family.

My mission is to create a world where moms can parent from a place of love and calmness, leaving behind the chaos of anger and frustration.

Imagine a life where you respond to challenges with patience and compassion.

Control Your Anger is designed to support you every step of the way. You’ll never be alone on this journey!

Equip yourself with the necessary tools to overcome anger and embrace a more joyful, calm parenting style. From practical exercises to personalized guidance, we’re committed to helping you succeed so that you can create a happier family.


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Are you ready to break free from the cycle of anger and rediscover the joy of motherhood? 

Stop letting anger control your life and start living with intention and joy.

Join the Control Your Anger Course today and take the first step toward a more peaceful and fulfilling family life. 

Enroll now for just $4.99 and unlock a brighter tomorrow for you and your child(ren).

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