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I hated the kind of mom I was showing up as.


I was angry and yelling all the time. Sometimes I swore and slammed doors.  I couldn't control my anger. I felt so ashamed, embarrassed and alone. 


Each night, after putting my kids to bed, I'd lie awake, consumed with disgust and guilt over how I'd acted towards them that day.


But 7 months ago, I fully committed to changing. And by learning skills and tools to manage my anger, resentment, and overwhelm, I now rarely raise my voice.


I recently became Certified as an Anger Management Specialist and have put everything that I’ve learned into a dynamic 21—day course, Control Your Anger - Anger Management for Moms.


This course consists of twenty-one short  videos, ranging from 7 to 17 minutes each, designed for your convenience. You can enroll at any time and progress at your own pace, ensuring that you can fit this transformative journey into your life seamlessly.


In these videos, I dive straight into the heart of the matter, teaching you all the skills, tools, and techniques that empowered me to control my anger, quell my rage, and stop yelling at my kids. It's a straightforward, effective approach to reclaiming calm and becoming the mom you want to be.


These skills are designed to help you control your anger, put an end to constant yelling, and become the confident and calm mother you want to be for your loved ones. ❤️


After you purchase, you will receive an email (please check your spam folder) with a link and password to access your videos. 


Anger and Mom Rage are really hard things for many moms to talk about.


The stigma of admitting that behind the scenes, interactions with our children might resemble scenes from a horror movie, is real. Yet, it's important to acknowledge that this struggle is more common than we might think. 




If you're determined to become a more regulated and calm mother for your children, to be someone they can trust and feel safe with, then I encourage you to click the link and sign up.


Please note: This course is designed exclusively for adult listeners.


I believe in you, my friend and I support you.



Andrea Maher 


*BONUS - Everyone who purchases this program will gain exclusive access to my Private Calm Mama Facebook Community. I host weekly live sessions focused on anger management, answering your questions, and diving deep into everything it means to embody the Calm Mama lifestyle and embrace simplicity in our lives!

Control Your Anger - Anger Management for Moms Course

$19.99 Regular Price
$4.99Sale Price
  • Is this a recurring payment?
    No! It is a one time payment.

    How long do I have access to these videos for?
    You have access forever. Once you pay, you will receive a link and password. 

    Is this a self paced course?
    Yes! You can go at your own pace!

    I can't find the email with my course information; where is it?
    Your course information is sent to the email address associated with your form of payment. If you use apple pay or paypal, your course info will be sent to your apple pay email or paypal email. If you need to change your email address or need me to resend your course information, please email me at and I will gladly do so!

    If you have any other questions please email me at

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